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Socilen PFP S.L is a company set up in 2014 with the purpose of offering a financial alternative to people and PYMES. The technology has revolutionized other sectors and we´re sure this system will change forever the traditional financing system. Socilen wants to be an active and remarkable part of this change.


The crowdlending sector or crowfunding for loans is a very recent sector. The first companies were created in 2005 in United Kingdom and in 2006 in the United Sates, at least in the way we know it now, with the use of the online technology, since the collective financing has existed since many years ago by means of micro-contributions carried out by relatives, friends, acquainted, sponsors…

Socilen FPF, S. L is constituted in 2014; however, the project started in 2012 to boost the development of this sector in Spain, where it´s still at its early stages, and with a determined spirit of internationalization. The continuous innovation is in our gens, we think that a Fin-Tech company only can exist if it adopts a philosophy of change and ongoing improvement. We can´t be as big as the traditional financing entities but we can be much more flexible and adapt faster to a technological surrounding still evolving instead. From our point of view, innovation is not the goal, but the way to follow.




We were the first company of this sector in Spain which started offering a coating system to protect the investors.


We were the first crowdlending company in Spain, and one of the first ones in the world that offered an exchange space of collection rights among investors ( Secondary market), which allows them to have a liquidity window as well as the fact of not having to wait for the expiration date of the loans to recover their investment.


We are the first company of this sector in the world with spirit of disclosure, since apart from offering the p2p lending services; we also offer our own financing training material such as the Financing course for ants.

We are the first crowdlending company in the world allowing the participation of online guarantors who improve the level of solvency of the applicant according to the level of the own guarantor, which leads into the possibility of improving the loan conditions.

We are one of the first companies in the world in offering a generalist crowdlending service. That is to say, our intention is that individuals, freelances or companies can apply for “loans” to investors within the same platform.